Get Free Baby Samples from The Following Companies

There is quite a few companies who will offer you free baby samples.  It’s one way to stock up on supplies before your baby gets here.  Having a new baby means you’ll be going through a lot of diapers everyday.  Some of these baby brands companies have reward programs that you can join and can help you save money.

Below you’ll find some of the more popular companies and program helping parents prepare for expenses with the new baby’s arrival.

Join Enfamil Family Beginnings

You get baby formula coupons and free formula samples when you join Enfamil Family Beginnings.  When you sign up you’ll get $400 in free stuff by mail, throughout your pregnancy, baby’s first year and into toddler-hood.  These come as free formula for baby and coupons for you to use.  Expect a welcome box kit after signing up.

Get a 10 oz free baby sample of Enfagrow Premium Toddler Next Step here.

Check Out Similac StrongMoms Rewards

Register with Similac StrongMom to receive up to $400 in savings and exclusive benefits.  Receive coupons and free formula samples in mail.  Use the coupons you get so you earn point towards full size cans.

If you sign up and don’t receive your free stuff by mail, don’t hesitate to contact customer service. Also be sure to use the coupons so that you can keep receiving these women freebies in the mail.

Sign Up for Huggies Rewards

One company who offers great rewards and free baby samples is Huggies.  With every purchase you earn points which you then can redeem for rewards.  Sign up right now and get 500 points to start you off.  You also can earn points when you read their articles, do surveys or share a post on Twitter or Facebook.  Link a loyalty card at participating retailers to accumulate points too.

You can enter sweepstakes with these points or redeem them for baby merchandise, gift cards or diapers.  They also let you donate your points to their community partner, National Diaper Bank Network.  Download the app and make it easier to snap photos of your receipt to earn points.  You can also earn points by checking in at retailers where you buy Huggies while you shop.  Visit their Coupon and Offers page to check out what coupons they have for you to use.

Download the Pampers Rewards App and Start Saving

Download  the Pampers Reward app from Google Play or Apple Store.  Register with Pampers Rewards and earn your first 100 points.  Scan your first code and get a 50 point bonus.  Then next time you purchase Pampers products  you can scan the in-pack codes to earn points.  These codes can be found on the inside of diaper and  baby wipe packages.

These are just some of the companies with offers to help new parents out.  They also come in handy to those who are already parents or have toddlers.  Free baby samples pop up daily, so be on the lookout for those, because they usually go quickly.  I would recommend you check out our site daily to grab one when these are posted.  They are normally only available while supplies last.


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