Women Freebies Are Really Easy to Find Online

Are you looking to get your hands on women freebies?  This article is about where you can find free samples specifically for women, but you can be of any gender and still enjoy these samples.  Lucky for freebies addicts the internet is full of free samples for women. These free products mainly consist of cosmetic, hair care or skincare samples.

Companies are frequently giving away free stuff as a way to promote their business or to get the word out about new products soon to hit shelves.  They hope since consumers are more easily influenced by friends and family than by advertising, when it comes to buying products, those who received the freebie and like it will recommend it to their peers.  In return these brand name companies would love to get you and those you know to become loyal customers in the future.

Freebies From L’Oreal

One company that is always offering free samples for women is L’Oreal.  It’s the worlds largest cosmetic company known for their hair color, skincare, cosmetics, and perfume.  These freebies can be found on their website and usually come as skincare, shampoo and conditioner samples.

Garnier Free Samples

Garnier is another company that offers free samples too.  They offer hair care and skincare freebies. You will need to check their website to snag yourself a freebie.  Sign up for their newsletter so you’ll be notified when they have new samples.

Skincare Freebies From SkinCeuticals

SkinCeuticals offers some of the best free skincare samples you can find.  Although you’ll have to be on the look out for when these pop-up online.  Olay has a coupon and offers page you can check for women freebies as well.  Sign up for Club Olay to be among the first to know about tips, deals and giveaways.

Free Feminine Hygiene Samples

Feminine hygiene companies also send out free stuff by mail.  Sample of these products come in handy.  U by Kotex, O.B Tampons and Playtex sports are just few brands that give out free samples.  Visit their websites to find out if they’re currently offering any.  O.B. Tampons recently offered a full size sample of their applicator-free tampons.  Our website Addicted 2 Freebies is here to let you know when these and others are up for grabs.  Check back daily to get your free beauty samples and other freebies available.

There is programs you can sign up for that give away free boxes of samples.  PINCHme is one of these that offers you a free box of samples to try out.  All they ask for in return is for you to leave an honest review of the product they sent.  These sample boxes come with products ranging from beauty freebies to free baby samples.  They even have freebies for men and samples for pets to try out.  What product you get to choose from depends on what you answered when you filled out your profile.

Sign Up For Sample Source

Sample Source is another one that sends you a free box full of samples.  They only offer them during spring, summer, and fall.  You’ll need to sign up to be notified when they become available.  You’ll need to leave a review for this one also, if you would like to get more in the future.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram. We post pictures of the women freebies we get as they arrive in the mail.  It might be a couple of weeks before they arrive, none-the-less it still exciting when you get them.

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